Creating a successful medical staffing company requires providing clinics with staff members they can trust to help them around their office. SurgSelect knows that the best way to accomplish this goal is to not only provide our staff members with continuous, high-quality training, but to also ensure they are 100% satisfied with their jobs. That is why our company makes sure that we treat our employees with the same high level of respect that we treat our customers.

Meet Our Owners

President Benjamin W. Cilento and Vice President Josh Bailey have built a medical staffing company that has a reputation for delivering exceptional health care staffing services to our customers every time. They have accomplished this goal by giving their employees the ability to take control of their own financial future while still ensuring that the facilities that use our services receive competitive prices.

When the staff is happy and educated, they are able to provide better assistance to the clinics they are dispatched to help. Benjamin and Josh know that you will be able to see the difference when you hire staff members from our company and look forward to adding you to our growing list of continuously satisfied customers.

Contact our medical staffing company to learn more about our commitment to our customers. We are proud to provide the very best in staffing services to customers located throughout the Greater Houston, Texas, area.

Finding the Right Staff for Your Clinic

If you are in the business of patient care, then our business is to make you look good at a price that respects your bottom line. Our employment application and screening processes are exhaustive and, unlike most other companies in our field, we continually train our employees to ensure they continue to be the very best they can be when they come to assist you at your facility. In addition, we strive to ensure that our prices the most competitive in the industry, ask about our matching program. You simply will not find better people at a more competitive price.

The team at our medical staffing company is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best health care staffing services available. We recognize that our personnel not only reflect our company, but while on assignment, they are a reflection of your facility. That is why we continually evaluate our employees’ actions, skills, attitudes, and performance to ensure you are receiving the very best services each and every time you hire one of our team members.

Contact our medical staffing company when you are looking for the absolute best health care staffing services available. Our team takes great pride in helping clinics from around the Greater Houston, Texas, area find the perfect additions to their staff.